Creation of corporative information portal

The United Engineering Plants (UEP) created a corporate information portal on the basis of Oracle software.

Now all the documentation of the central office, which used to be stored at separate local servers will be located at the portal with distributed user access to the information and corporate services.  The personnel of the company are entitled to interactive instruments and centralized access to information systems.

The portal was launched in cooperation with Open Technologies. Its specialists managed to extend the functional possibilities by means of Oracle Collaboration Suite software. It allowed raising the efficiency of the projects and provided for data exchange within the corporation.

The portal is not just an electronic archive of documents. It is an interactive instrument for solution of business objectives of the Corporation, which allows unifying access to the information systems.

The uniqueness of the project is integration of solutions for task implementation.  The solutions were designed for the project by the Institute of Fine Mechanics and Computer Engineering.  

In the future the corporate portal of UEP will be extended into single portal engulfing all the company's divisions in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, the Czech Republic and providing access for 4,000 users.  

"Due to effective access to applications and the data of information system the personnel got more successful in implementation of the main business projects, such as a system of knowledge management, automatic selection of personnel, creation of Corporate University, optimization of the system of  UEP operational activity advance,  (6 Sigma), Lean production", -  commented the head of the project Andry Karlov on creation of corporate portal прокомментировал создание корпоративного портала руководитель проекта Андрей Карлов.

"The collection of all information at one resource allows not only improving the working processes and providing convenient access tom information, but also providing fro a high level of information protection and access control.  Besides, the portal allows avoiding multiple authorization while uniting several services", pointed out Director on Corporate Clients at Open Technologies Kirill Kunitsyn.

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