Organization of IT services availability monitoring

Dirol Cadbury Client:
Dirol Cadbury

Open Technology, Russian system integrator, announced about completion of modernizing the system of IT services accessibility reports based on Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) at Dirol Cadburry LLC.

Dirol Cadburry designed and executed a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with certain services availability standards. The company operates a great number of separate software products providing for various tasks, such as mail system, information resources control service, CIS. When some of these processes are unavailable, the business processes are blocked undermining the efficiency of the company’s operation.

Besides, the company adopted a SLA report form for informing the IT administration of foreign head office. The MOM monitoring system used by the company failed to provide the necessary type of information. The specialists were interested in expansion the functional options on forming the IT services availability reports. Thus, it was necessary to use more efficiently the available MOM software, as it had a wide potential of developing modules of data collection and storage.

The specialists of Open Technologies designed the technical solution architecture and a program of training in software and technologies for the personnel of Dirol Cadburry. The solution included reports, scripts for monitoring servers and services, compilation of Management Pack on the basis of MOM 2005 software.

The training included demonstration of tasks necessary to the customer such as creation of Management Pack with MOM and creation of reports with SQL Reporting Service.

The customer saw practical demonstration of:

  • IT-services availability monitoring via remote inspection of availability of servers, net program applications, net equipment, services. Another was is receiving data from MOM agents installed on the servers.
  • The required algorithm of data collection and storage, calculation of the necessary SLA metrics.
  • Report system on the basis of MS SQL Reporting software, which calculates final data and displays data on availability and providing for storage, allocation and distribution of access to the reports.
  • "We believe that the efficiency of using software largely depends on the quality of the customer's personnel training. Due t our efforts Dirol Cadbury will be able to use all the potential of such powerful instrument as MOM for solution of the required objectives", comments Dmitry Volodin, Corporate Clients Manager at Open Technologies.

Due to the project Dirol Cadburry received an opportunity of monitoring net program services, server complex, net equipment and IT-services in general as well as a system of storing data about the availability of IT servers.

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