Construction of corporative data transfer network

Open Technologies, Russian system integrator, and V. A. Degtiarev Works OJSC (DW OJSC), one of the leading defense enterprises announced about completion of the first stage of corporate data net construction.

At the moment DW OJSC is trying to create a corporate system of management based on BAAN V ERP-system. As a result in took a decision on modernizing the existing network, as it does not meet the growing requirements to the productivity and reliability of net interaction.

As a result of the tender held by the specialists of the company, Open Technologies was selected to carry out the project.

During the project the specialists of the company defined two major objectives:

  • Creation of corporate multiservice data transfer network with high permeability capacity;
  • Organization of net failure withstandability.

The territorial distribution of the production sites of the enterprise and full coverage of all logical functions on the first stage of system launch created additional difficulties for building the net. The designers singled out the mainstream ring connecting 2 buildings and 2 reserve ones providing for additional failure withstandability and balance of the loads. They alos solved the problem of technical compatibility of the old equipment and new system.

The project made use of multi-level Cisco model for building the distributed campus net. The following sub-systems were created during the work:

  • Mainstream sub-system providing for high-productive and failure proof data transfer;
  • Distributive sub-system providing for connection of all subsystems of local computer net, services control and failure proof interaction between the subsystems;
  • Subsystem of working groups: organization of working places in the buildings, plants and warehouses of DB;
  • Control subsystem: control, monitoring and troubleshooting in local networks.

The first stage has been finished so far. The system project was designed and endorsed. The equipment of the first stage was commissioned. All the works were performed in short terms die to coordinated work of specialists of the customer and the contractor, which enabled the company to deploy the planned system of enterprise control. No failures were recorded during the industrial exploitation of the network.

The second stage of corporate net construction is meant to increase its productivity and failure withstandability via new mainstream nets and installing more powerful equipment. The third stage provides for switching additional net functions aimed at higher interaction between the works divisions, located far from each other.

Options of further system development are considered as well. The creation of multiservice network will allow switching additional service, such as IP-TEL, transfer of service information, enhanced reliability of fire and security alarm, systems of access to the sites.

Mikhail Borisovich Friman, head of the department of IT technologies at DW OJSC: "The multiservice network will satisfy and the current and future enterprise demands, system reliability and data transfer velocity. The supplied equipment has been used for already a year without ay breaks.

I would like to point to serious attitude of the contractor's specialists to the project. The network was modeled in a very short-term, the optimal technical solutions were created, which allowed avoiding extra costs. We adhere to complex approach that is why the contract with Open technologies was signed not only for equipment supply, but also for the entire range of services related to guarantee service, support and consultations. Similar large-scale projects are supported by the administration of the works. All the operations are personally controlled by the Director General Alexander Vladimirovich Tmenov as part of the corporate control system project".

" The uniqueness of the project is wide coverage of technologies and interaction rules, introduced into the corporate network of such big enterprise as DW.: from the design of mainstream cable system to rules of access of different subdivisions, noted Kirill,Kunitsyn, head of Corporate Clients Department at Open Technologies Industrial Sector. - As a result the customer has a productive, reliable and large-scale multiservice network, satisfying the demands of the company in organization of business processes.

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