Introduction of corporative network monitoring system

Open Technologies, Russian system integrator, announced about completion of control system for corporate computer network at Perm Engine Complex.

The system of corporate computer network monitoring was aimed at raising productivity, reliability and efficiency of the company's net resources. It required automation of data collection and registration of changes in internal network, improvement of the operational characteristics of corporate network on the basis of statistical data analysis.

The specialists of Open Technologies inspected the corporate computer network, commissioned the equipment, installed the system, configured it and trained the customer's specialists and launched the system into commercial operation.

In order to create a system of monitoring the net, built on active Cisco Systems net equipment, they chose Cisco Works LMS equipment. It was launched with IBM xSeries platform guided by Windows operational system.

Cisco Works LMS software I full-scale net control tool providing for all control options necessary at such giant as Perm Engine Facility.

The installed modules of Cisco Works LMS control system will hell to solve the following control objectives:

  • Localizing net devices, building net topology, defining key users;
  • Virtual local networks configuration and control;
  • Centralized auditing of changes in set-ups of net equipment, tracking changes in configuration of net equipment;
  • Collection and procession of statistics from net equipment;
  • On-line monitoring of net processes and equipment;
  • Collection of detailed reports;
  • Centralized control over configuration of devices;
  • Centralized renewal of equipment software.
  • Integration with control systems of higher level.

According tom the Contract, Open Technologies will be rendering technical support to software and equipment used in corporate computer net control system.

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