Creation of reserve copying system

Harry's Client:
Open Technologies, the leading Russian system integrator and Harry’s, producer of confectionery, announced about the completion of the project on reserve data copying, restoration and storage at Harry's.

Most of Harry’s data is kept in the information systems.  In many cases it has only the electronic copy (without a hard copy). The loss of such information or even its temporal inaccessibility may bring about serious damage (loss of accounting data and projects of the personnel). In order to avoid such a situation Harry’s took a decision on the necessity of installing a system o reserve data copying, restoring and storing system.

During the project the specialists of Open Technologies made their requirements to reserve copying, restoring and storing. They designed, supplied, set up and installed the equipment and software for organization of data storage, configured the reserve copying policies in compliance with the demands of the customer, held a test and commissioned it.

The system has 2-level architecture.  It consists of 2 reserve copying domains. One of the domains is located on a technical site in Solnechnogorsk, Moscow Region and another one at technical site in Ufa. The complete reserve copying of all the data to tape devices is made at the end of every working week.  At the end of every working day the data of the day are copied for the reserve storage. The copying is made y files via a local network.

"The created system helped us not only to secure the data, but also to cut the costs, and raise the efficiency  of information use throughout its   entire life cycle in order to contribute to the continuity of the company's business', pointed out Yaroslav Prikhdko, head of IT service at Harry’s.

While choosing the equipment and software for building the reserve copying system we took into account the volume of the stored information, the structure of the information system, data organization, As a result of the analysis the preference was given to  Symantec Veritas NetBackup  software (server,  agent for mail server and DB server)  and   Hewlett-Packard  equipment (tape storage device and server controller)

Veritas NetBackup server is the main component of the system; it stores all logical information about the process of reserve copying, its storage and performance.  It controls all data processing activities starting from planning and tracking the client's reserve copies. The HP controller provides for flexible and high- speed of servers to data storage devices.

According to Maksim Glushchenko, manager on corporate clients at Open Technologies, "Any company, regardless of the type of its activity, has its information growing. Any information loss may bring about severe financial consequences for the organization, Our solution for Harry's allows the company mitigating the risk of data loss and provide for optimal conditions of its treatment.

Creation of high availability system Modernization of IT infrastructure at Harry's enterprises.