Training ERP-system users

Sviazinvest Client:

Open Technologies, Russian system integrator and Sviazinvest OJSC, one of the biggest telecommunication holdings in the world, have initiated Local Solution Centers (LSC) in 7 inter-regional communication companies.

The work of local solution centers started in compliance with individual plans designed by IRC.

IRC are functional subdivisions, aimed at supporting, development and provision of quality operation of the corporate information system (CIS) on the basis of Oracle E-Business Suite ERP-system.

LSC have the objective of all-round support to CIS after its commissioning:

  • System support at IRC level including problems handling and implementation of new requirements.
  • Support of technical architecture and software working capacity, necessary for CIS (including operational systems, net programs, security systems), as well as the entire complex of equipment and computer devices.

LSC also support users in technical and functional aspects during the industrial exploitation of the system (service, consultations) and training in CIS during its operation and introduction of new functions.

According to Sergey Koshelev, Open Technologies master systems expert: "the solution centers are links between project stage related to launching the master system on the basis of Oracle E-Business Suite and operational stage, at which the system is used and developed providing for investment return".

While creating the local solution centers, the inter-regional companies used theoretic recommendations of Accenture and were helped by specialists of Open Technologies and Sviazinvest OJSC. In compliance with the given recommendations, the functional and organizational structure of LSC includes the departments of services, CIS applications support, LSC technical support, CIS users support and CIS personnel training.

LSC engaged IT specialists, specialists of local functional subdivisions (accounting, finance, human resources). Most of them took an active part in launching master systems and receive basic knowledge in the process of work.

According to Vasily Murashov, master-systems expert at Sviazinvest OJSC, "the functional structures of local solutions center is an intellectual base for support and development of Oracle E-Business Suite- based EPR-system. But we count that in some time functions of the solutions centers will expand and they will be charged with the functions of supporting other IT-systems used in inter-regional companies".

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