Pilot project on introduction of pre-billing platform (Mediation Platform) on the basis of Hewlett-Packard OpenView Internet Usage Manager (HP IUM)

Dalsviaz Client:
Open Technologies and Dalsviaz completed the pilot project of launching the pre-billing platform (Mediation Platform)  on the basis of Hewlett-Packard OpenView Internet Usage Manager (HP IUM) product.

The pilot project included creation of a test area for introduction of IUM platform.  Then followed the practical demonstration of HP IUM function capabilities for collecting, processing and supply of operator's network for the billing system.  Besides, platform monitoring and administration technologies were presented.

The commutation equipment of Dalsviaz OJSC, in particular, АТС МТ20 and SI2000, required CDR (Call Detail Records) made via HP IUM.

HP IUM was also used to collect and process the data from IP-net in compliance with the type of traffic (corporate, Internet, traffic providers)

"The pilot project demonstrated wide options of HP IUM as a flexible instrument for collection and preparation of data for the billing system and analysis of the net", pointed out Pavel Bogatsky, head of the department of developing the IT of Dalsviaz OJSC.  

The introduction of HP IUM will allow adding new services without amending billing systems and building a platform for creation of the centralized system of mutual accounts between the providers.   A service provider will be able to account to calculate the used  net resources, analyze and correlate the accounting data submitted from  various commutation and equipment and IP-net.

The introduction of HP IUM will provide for a common system of tariffs throughout the entire network of the operator and make a total audit of the process of preparation of billing information.  

"Pre-billing is a temporarily determined necessity enabling the operator to receive detailed and true data on the work of the network in general, cut the terms of introduction of new services and compensate the investment to new technologies, minimize costs for launching new equipment", pointed out Inna Mironova, project manager of Open Technologies

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