Creation of transit nodes system

Dalsviaz Client:

Creation of a system of transit nodes in the inter-regional company. The transit nodes are one of the structural elements of technical architecture of Dalsviaz, modernized within the program of introduction of Oracle E-Business Suite ERP-system.

Technical nodes are the integrity of software, hardware and engineering systems used for improving the transfer of informational system data between the data processing center (DPC) located in Vladivostok and working places of ERP system users located in the regional branches of the company situated far from each other

The transit nodes are located in central regional nodes of Dalsviaz OJSC's data transfer net (Vladivostok, Blagoveshchensk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Magadan, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) and manage the problem of the best load of the main data transfer channels. Technical nodes are operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but for the time of maintenance jobs In the principal mode the y provide for productivity that is enough for the work of all informational systems (pre-billing, company management system, budgeting subsystem, e-mail). The acceptance tests showed that the accumulative data speed at certain points reaches 40 Mb/s with a system able to stand 150% traffic load rise. ,

During the operations the specialists of Open Technologies inspected the net infrastructure of Dalsviaz OJSC, found out the requirements to technical architecture of the transit nodes, designed and chose a technical solution, supplied the necessary equipment, commissioned software and hardware and held the acceptance tests, which conformed that the requirements of technical assignment were met.

The technical architecture of the transit nodes includes the following subsystems:

  • Net interaction subsystem – is responsible for the organization of interaction between the elements of transit nodes, provides for interaction of transit nodes elements, commutation, routing, protection of traffic from outside impacts and processing accidents on data transfer channels. The sub-system is a component of corporative data transfer net, built above the multiservice network;
  • Traffic aggregation subsystem – narrows the information system traffic, which allows using the main channels of data transfer more efficiently;
  • Control and monitoring subsystem – provides for control over software and hardware components of transit nodes technical architecture and system information visual display. It gives the company an opportunity of centralized control reducing the staff operational costs.

Test exploitation of transit nodes showed that the volume of traffic passing through the channel reduces, on the average, 30 to 70%.

While building the transit nodes in Dalsviaz OJSC, the equipment leading producers as Expand Networks, Cisco Systems, IBM, Epsilon was used.

Creation of data processing center Pilot project on introduction of pre-billing platform (Mediation Platform) on the basis of Hewlett-Packard OpenView Internet Usage Manager (HP IUM)