Creation of data processing center

Open Technologies, the leading Russian system integrator, and inter-regional companies Sviazinvest OJSC, North-Western Telecom OJSC and Uralsviazinform OJSC informed about successful construction of Data Processing Centers (DPC) with key components of software and hardware architecture, necessary for the deployment and operation of Oracle e-Business Suite (OeBS) -based ERP-system.

The created DPC are an important technical stage in OeBS introduction in inter-regional companies (IRC) of Sviazinvest OJSC.

The DPC are the integrity of software, hardware and engineering systems providing for accumulation, procession and storage of large information massifs arising during the operation of Oracle e-Business Suite-based ERP-system and securing a whiolesome use of other corporative information systems of the inter-regional companies.

The design of DPC in IRC was made with regard to the requirements of current and future business processes, the volumes of potential information flows, requirements to security, number of EPR-system users in each IRC and a number of other requirements to data processing centers. The technical implementation of all the requirements to data processing centers required equipment and software of various producers. Each IRC required individual approach to the project with regard to current state of technical architecture and plans of further development.

The data processing center in Northwestern Telecom OJSC is based on Hewlett-Packard technologies (server systems, data storage systems, reserve copying systems) and Cisco Systems technologies (net interaction subsystem). Its architecture provides for horizontal scaling (increased productivity via greater number of servers)

While building the data processing center in Uralsviazinform OJSC, Open Technologies used Hewlett-Packard – HP SuperDome technologies (server subsystem), Cisco Systems (net interaction subsystem) and EMC (data storage subsystem). The DPC architecture in Uralsviazinfrom was built on the principle of vertical scaling providing for an option of enhanced productivity via raising the power of HP SuperDome server subsystem. Besides, the applied DPC infrastructure in Uralsviazinform OJSC includes asystem of monitoring on the basis of Micromuse Netcool® software package of Micromuse Inc. providing for wholesome on-line monitoring, which raises the system more reliable and protected from failures.

The DPC provide for lower costs in running the information support systems by means of:

  • Consolidation of all major applications data including the ones run by various operational systems;
  • An opportunity of the efficient building of the necessary resources in the conditions of introduction of new IS and increasing the load of the existing IS;
  • Opportunities of further adaption to changing business requirements;
  • Centralization of information systems control
  • Efficient planning of support service resources;
  • Cutting the time of failures and problems management;
  • Enhancing the reliability of information systems data storage.

The technical architecture of DPC provides for an opportunity of it further modernization in order to secure the DPC productivity while introduction of new systems and building the capacity of the old ones.

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