Introduction of the first EPR-system release on the basis of Oracle e-Business Suite

Sviazinvest Client:
Open Technologies, Russian system integrator and Sviazinvest OJSC, one of the biggest telecommunication holdings in the world, started educating the end users in working with EPR-system functional modules based on Oracle E-Business Suite. These modules entered the first release (personnel management and main assets account)

The principal from of training the end users in   Oracle E-Business Suite ERP-system of Sviaziinvest OJSC is distant training. In the first place such form of education was chosen due to wide geographical distribution of the end users. Within the Program of EPR-system introduction,   a system of distant training (SDT) will be launched, which will provide for centralized on-the-job personnel training in all 7 inter-regional companies.

On the first stage of SDT launch СВТ (Computer Based Training) courses will be used.  This is a technical solution providing for on–the-job personnel training.

СВТ courses include the necessary theoretical material, practical exercises imitating the operations in the master-system, control and final tests. The courses are individual with each student registered during installation of the program to the working place.

According to Anna Kravchenko, the head of the coordination center of EPR-system introduction program at Sviazinvets OJSC, "the training is meant preparing the users to successful performance of operations in enterprise management system. After the end of training users receive not only theoretical knowledge, but can also apply their skills in practice".  

The training program includes control and final tests.

"Students make control test assignments to check their knowledge received at certain stage of training. He can make them several times (If the results are not satisfactory), receive statistics of his performance and true answers. The final test follows all practical exercises summing up the results of all education. The final test is made just once and its results show the quality of end users education", — pointed out Alexander Revin, head of training department at Open Technologies.

In the future the distant courses will be used or further training of the users and education of new employees.

Training ERP-system users Creation of EPR-system information security support structure on the basis of Oracle e-Business Suite