Creation of EPR-system information security support structure on the basis of Oracle e-Business Suite

Sviazinvest Client:

Open Technologies and Sviazinvest OJSC, one of the biggest telecommunication holdings in the world, informed about the beginning of building an ERP-system informational support complex based on Oracle e-Business Suite, and introduced in 7 inter-regional companies of Sviazinvest OJSC.

The information security support structure (ISSS) provides for high level of on infrastructure security and software environment introduced in Sziazinvest OJSC EPR-system.

While building the ISSS, the company used the technologies and solutions of the world's leading producers of data procession centers, DB transfer corporative information networks and automatic working places of the users.

These technologies were meant to provide fro high level of confidentiality protection, control over possible leak channels, catastrophe withstandability and high reliability of EPR system,

While building the ISSS, the specialists of Open Technologies performed the following operations:

  • Technical subsystems design for provision of information security in every inter-regional company;
  • Equipment and software supply
  • Introduction of the designed sub-systems and elements on information security.

The difference of the approaches used in construction of the ISSS in 7 inter-regional companies of Sviazinvest OJSC from conventional methods applied in creation of such system is that Open Technologies makes use of a risky methodology and principles exposed in international standards BS7799/ISO 17799.

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