General information of the project of launching ERP-system on the basis of Oracle e-Business Suite

Sviazinvest Client:

Group of Sviazinvest companies initiated one of the most large-scale ERP and Oracle e-Business Suit projects in Russia. The principal contractor of the project was Open Technologies. It performed the managerial functions; including plan development and implementation, coordination of work of various performers, control over respect of common technical policy and common introduction standard as well as quality of the performed jobs.

The EPR system was introduced in the following companies of Sviazinvest:

  • Central Telecommunications Company OJSC;
  • Volga Telecom OJSC
  • Southern Telecommunications Company OJSC
  • Ulralsviaz inform OJSC
  • Sibirtelecom OJSC
  • Far East Electrocommunications Company

Operations on introduction of Oracle e-Business Suite were made in several fields:

  • development of master-system releases;
  • introduction of master-system releases;
  • creation of technical architecture in IRC for introduction of ERP;
  • creation and activity of Global and Local Solution Centers,
  • creation of user distant training system

All Oracle functions were divided between 3 releases. Every release unites a simultaneous group of business processes and functions. They are developed and introduced gradually, one by one.

The contents of the first release makes up about 25% of the functions of the introduced EPR-solution and includes the modules of managing the main assets and personnel including table and staff accounts.

The functions of the second release are wider. It includes the same aspects: finance and personnel management. The third aspect is logistics management. They include finance management, elements of treasury operations (debit and credit management), calculation of projects, procurement management (contracts, procurement and orders support), management of material reserves and education. In the second release almost all financial aspects of Oracle E-Business Suite are involved. Salary account and training management are added to personnel functions and procurement, material reserves and project management is added to logistics.

The third release offers expansion of financial options, treasury operations. The logistics aspect benefits from extended procurement and asset (repairs) options. The personnel management function of the third release consists of training, employment and personnel assessment. Creation of common and integral information space for all 7 IRC required great efforts and substantial resources from Open Technologies. At the moment the program involves over 330 consultants from Open Technologies and subcontractors.

In compliance with master-plan the Program of EPR introduction in Sviazinvest will be completely finished in 2008.

Creation of EPR-system information security support structure on the basis of Oracle e-Business Suite Creation of contact center