Modernization of data storage system

Rosbank Client:
Open Technologies, Russian system integrator and ROSBANK JSCB announced the completion of the first stage the bank's data storage system modernization.

The project of data storage system development is a continuation of "Creation of ROSBANK JSCB Data Storage Network" project carried out by Open Technologies in 2002.

In 2002 SAN infrastructure was installed to unite ROSBANK's storage devices into single corporate date storage net.  The solution improved the quality of storage resources management and raised the efficiency of their use.
In 2004 the specialists of Open Technologies, having assessed the demands of ROSBANK, suggested modernizing the data storage system with 2 new ЕМС - Clariion CX600 intellectual arrays.

ЕМС Clariion CX600 became the center of ROSBANK  data storage system.  The solution allows lifting the general problem of free space deficit on the discs and remove problems related to low productivity of certain storage system components including SCSI arrays.  As a result the main parameters of working with data improved.  The efficiency of data management was raised, its storage became more reliable. There are no problems with scalability of data storage system. The use of new ЕМС Clariion arrays provides for transfer to remote data reservation and building catastrophe-proof data storage architecture via creation of a reserve center at one of the bank's sites.

The first line of data storage system modernization project provided for renewal of SAN infrastructure: old commutators (Fiber Channel) and all the adapters (HBA) in the server were replaced by new, more productive ones.

"Having assimilated the new opportunities of SAN and Clariion CX600", in response to the growing demands of the bank subdivisions, we plan to develop the infrastructure and raise the reliability of ROSBANK information systems. Reliability, productivity, efficiency are the principal characteristics of automatic systems", says Sergey Zuyev, Director of Information Technologies at ROSBANK.

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