Modernization of local computer network

Open Technologies, Russian system integrator, and Orenburg General Division of the RF Central Bank completed the first stage of local computer network modernization.

The network was modernized in order to create a reliable, productive, scalable and easily manageable computer network. The previous infrastructure of local computer network built on Cabletron equipment failed to provide for the necessary degree of traffic and reliability, lacked the means of net control and monitoring. That is why they decided to inspect the existing corporative network and develop the project of its modernization.

Within the project, Open Technologies provided for supply of Cisco Systems net equipment (Catalyst 6500 and Catalyst 4500 commutators, CiscoWorks net management software) and replacement of Cabletron existing equipment. The specialists of the company assembled and commissioned the equipment, held test exploitation of the network and provided for its launch into commercial exploitation. The modernization of local computer center included:

  • Orenburg General Division of the RF Central Bank consists of several closely located buildings: 3 level building with a 4 level additional building, connected by a pass. Each of them has 2 commutator centers (The current number of users is 540, the number of users with account to possible extension is 800)
  • The Main Clearing Center of Orenburg is a 9-level building of modern architecture (the current number of users is 132; the number of users with account to possible extension is 540).

During the first stage of the project the outdated architecture of local net infrastructure was modernized. The new network was shaped as a multi-level model, which allowed raising the general failure withstandability, scalability and manageability, provide for high-speed exchange of data between various technological sites of the customer. Besides, the specialists of Open Technologies provided for high accessibility of network infrastructure by reserving the most important hardware components and junctions, creating algorithms of automatic transfer to reserve modules in case of failure of the principal ones and restoration of workability of net infrastructure.

The specificity of the project is that modernization was done by stages, which allowed running it practically without stops of network operation. "In general, the first stage of local computer network modernization proceeded without problems. The solution was maximally adapted to local conditions. Besides, the new infrastructure of local network suited all modern demands to the information security and corresponds to the requirements of the reference documents of the Bank of Russia, stressed Igor Vasilenkov, head of system and technical department at Orenburg General Division of the RF Central Bank. "At the second stage of the project, scheduled for this year, the company will supply additional equipment to Cisco Systems, assemble it, hold the commissioning operations, organize test operation of the net and pass it to commercial exploitation", noted Vadim Molchadsky, Corporate Customers Manager at Open Technologies.

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