Creation of environment and equipment monitoring system

Open Technologies, the leading Russian system integrator, announced about a start of introducing the environment and equipment monitoring system in server rooms of Mobicom-Novosibirsk, MegaPhone's new Siberian branch.
The monitoring system is aimed at organization of continuous server and commutation equipment control.

Its introduction will allow monitoring the environment, AC and DC distribution systems, continuous power sources, conditioning equipment in Mobicom-Novosibirsk's server room, receiving on-line information, visual environment monitoring, storing video information.  It provides for localization and forecast of emergency situations impacting the quality of services to subscribers.

During the operation the specialist of Open Technologies are going to hold a preliminary inspection of rooms infrastructure, supply the necessary equipment, perform the commissioning operations and launch the system.
The developed system will have a 2-level structure: the level of automatic rooms (server rooms) and the level of data collection centers.  TCP/IP network will be connecting these components.

The construction will involve NetBotz500 equipment produced by NetBotz-APC and software of NetBotz Central server. The proposed solution has the best correlation of price and property, high reliability and convenience for the users.

NetBotz500 is a series of the last generation physical security products.  NetlBotz500 module architecture has the best functionality, higher flexibility and extendibility than other similar systems.  The cameras and sensors can be located far off the basic WallBotz 500 device enabling the service of several premises. The basic device can be switched to wireless network.

NetBotz Central server is a highly efficient complex solution for environment and equipment monitoring in IT divisions, locate in the company's branches in different cities and countries. Software installed on NetBotz Central provides for continuous monitoring of sensors data and camera images from any NetBotz surveillance device. Besides, the IT administrator of the main office can use NetBotz Central to change the configuration at any distant NetBotz from his console or any computer in the network. Such centralized system is optimal for provision of physical security of the corporate IT-environment regardless of its distance.

Every room of Mobicom-Novosibirsk will be equipped with a basic WallBotz500 device and several surveillance cameras via USB port. According to Sergey Perevozchikov, the Head of Sales Department at Open Technologies Novosibirsk Office, "the entire monitoring system will be based on the distributed principle, enabling modernization of sites equipment and extending the system without breaks in its operation. If necessary, the system can be extended by switching peripheral equipment to the existing WallBotz basic devices and switching the system to new segments based on NetBotz 500 devices.

The project is planned to be finished in the fall of 2007.

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