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20 April 2021 Conferences are back to offline. Hence it is already April 2021, all discussions begin with 2020 overviews – how did different companies overcome this strange and difficult period. Open Technologies have passed this pandemic test (we were listed in Top-25 best system integrators), therefore several our publications will be devoted to IT sector 2020 overview: we will tell you about us, our projects and technical trends of the previous year.

Today our article is devoted to our customers – their demands, technologies and solutions needed.

We have noticed the growth of the interest to remote workplace organization and its cybersecurity. To be more concrete – to VPN for mobile users, DLP-solutions and antivirus tools. Malefactors began to make use of pandemic, therefore a lot of organizations faced the necessity for phishing scam letters protection and employees trainings on security measures.

Apart from what has been mentioned before, our customers were interested in software-defined technologies, which make control and new services integration easier in communication networks, modern computational platforms, including clouds and DPC. We received inquiries on routine automatization, which were connected with IT infrastructure’s systems operation.

We had the same demand in Open Technologies: to make some improvements in peculiarities and composition of our information systems, as far as the majority of our employees was transferred to distance work. Our performance showed that the efficiency of work did not drop even on a hundredth percent.

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