The first SD-WAN project on the Russian market

29 April 2021 We proceed with publications about us, our projects and technical trends of the last year. Professional integration for Open Technologies is, fore and foremost, our customer’s tasks solution. In the process planning and realization we rely upon our specialist’s expertise, project experience and knowledge of the market, including trends and new technologies. We create unique, personal and innovative projects based on our partners’ solutions for each customer.

We were among the first companies on the Russian market who has finished a full-cycle project based on SD-WAN technology on the geographically distributed enterprise net, including procurement, designing, testing, commissioning, and launching. This solution allowed our customer to simplify affiliated network infrastructure management, balance\prioritize WAN traffic through different exterior channels and economize line rent on expensive channels.

P.S. Unfortunately, we can’t name our client according to NDA.

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