Installation of software and hardware platform for SAP R/3 company management system in the central office of the company.

Open Technologies completed installation of software and hardware for SAP R/3 control system in the central office of MegaPhone.

The first stage of the project implementation included operations on supply, location and launch of hardware on the basis of Hewlett-Packard equipment. It includes rp8400 server, EVA hard drive array and HP rp2405 reserve servers.

For reserve copying of the important information the personnel of MegaPhone and Open Technologies analyzed the system requirements to equipment. The reserve was organized on tape MSL6030 library.

The last stage of the project has just been completed. It included supply, installation and configuration of software, hard drive array and library in the central office of MegaPhone. Besides, the specialists of Open Technologies made a fine configuration of Open View Data Protector software, providing for reserve copying of SAP R/3. The operation of R/3 system began according to the schedule.

"We appreciate the successful experience of working with Open Technologies, responsible attitude to the set objectives and high professionalism in implementation of the project", pointed out Dmitry Lanin, IT director of

"We give a high priority to the requirements of the customer and we are always ready to suggest the best solution for the proposed objectives", pointed out Dmitry Severov, technical director of Open Technologies.

Service support to data processing centers equipment Creation of catastrophe proof software and hardware suite for billing system