Development of local computer network modernization project

Open Technologies, Russian system integrator, announced about victory in a tended and the beginning of local computer network (LCN) in Stavropol Power Generating Company OJSC (SPGC OJSC)

Before the project local computer network existed only in the head office of Stavropol Power Generating Company, The creation of modern net infrastructure required net modernization of the existing LCN. The new network was supposed to unite the head office of SPGC OJSC and its 9 hydropower plants providing for reliable and quality functioning of the automatic information systems and other company's official applications based on modern net technologies.

During the project the specialists of Open Technologies will perform the preliminary design and examination of IT-infrastructure of the organization, develop the working project of reconstruction of LCN and design estimate documentation.

The modernized LCN will include 150 working stations following the "ring" principle with an option of wireless Wi-Fi access for portable computers following the PTMP scheme. It will consist of the following subsystems:

  • horizontal subsystem, providing for connection with main switching and distribution equipment located in the server room;
  • riser/backbone subsystem uniting the equipment of technical rooms located on different levels of the building with equipment of the server room ;
  • working place subsystem meant for switching computers, terminal and printers to local infrastructure

The built network will correspond to the existing TIA/EIA-568 and ISO 11801-2000 standards and provide for the of transmitting of QoS voice packages, video surveillance system,. Wireless Wi-FI access and channels of electronic mail with the velocity of no less than 100 Mb/s

LCN will also have an option of development and growth without serious modifications in the exiting net infrastructure. There will be enough free apace (no less than 40%) in the assembly cabinet for installing the additional active, passive and cross equipment and the administrative subsystem will have the abundance of ports.

The construction of LCN will engulf active net equipment of Cisco Systems. It will provide far easy scalability, net management, control over its state from any spot.

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