Creation of mail system

Atlant-Soyuz Client:
October 11, 2006. Moscow.  Open Technologies, Russian system integrator and Atlant Soyuz, the airline of the government of Moscow announced about completion of automatic mail system.

Before the start of the project Atlant-Soyuz made use of a mail system supported by e outside provider.

During the project the specialists of Open Technologies inspected the exiting infrastructure of the customer, designed and deployed the mail system, catalogue and network services.

The mail system and catalogue service were based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and Active Directory produced by Microsoft. The mail system was equipped with protection against viruses and spam based on Symantec Antivirus Enterprise Edition.  The solution also included the reserve copying service based on Veritas Netbackup Server and HP equipment.

One of the compulsory requirements of Atlant -Soyuz was provision of the system functioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year (stops for maintenance checks excluded). In order to satisfy this requirement the specialists of Open Technologies designed a Microsoft Exchange cluster providing for excessiveness of the catalogue service servers and net servers by means of occluding functions of the servers from two offices. IT help to achieve high system availability with minimal costs.

Inside its corporative network Atlant-Soyuz organized a service of user information access and storage (files, documents, data). The mail system supports users' everyday tasks: contact information relevance support, programming meetings and councils, group work- introduction of group calendars and general folders.  

As Sergey Taran, deputy director general on IT an telecommunications at Atlant-Soyuz stressed, "the created mail system connected the distributed offices of Atlant-Soyuz located at Novy Arbat and in Vnulkovo, into single network and provided for continuous mail communication between the personnel of the company, clients and the partners. Besides, the designed system supports the growing number of users and it is very important for us, as in the future we are planning a substantial growth of our enterprise".

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