Open Technologies has implemented the service monitoring information system in the Department of information technology of Moscow

30 October 2014
With this innovation, the Department of information technology of Moscow has provided round-the-clock control of their information resources in the same mode as if checking was carried out by the independent external auditor. Independence of the monitoring services from the operating organizations also allows to get an objective assessment of the quality of Moscow information resources functioning.

The acquired monitoring system was provided in SaaS mode, the fact that allowed the Department to avoid capital expenditure on the acquisition and implementation of software, as well as the future operating expenses and modernization of the system.

In the framework of this project the information systems of the Department were connected to the monitoring system ОТ-Monix and the scripts to test the functionality of core information systems of the city of Moscow were also developed. The service was based on the in-house development of Open Technologies based on software Open Source: it has the flexibility to respond to any request of the Department of information technologies of Moscow.

A distinctive feature of the monitoring services information systems is an innovative method of verification of their functioning. It allows regular verification of scripting work of all users of urban information system and gives prompt response to any specific contractor in order to repair any malfunctioning in the systems of Department.

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