The company Open Technologies presents a new service monitoring information system

16 October 2014
The company Open Technologies, based on the number of its own in-house developments, industry standards and the experience, accumulated during the development of industrial and information systems, has created its own monitoring center that is based on hardware-software complex OT-Monix. This system includes a number of unique developments made by Open Technologies experts who continually support and develop this solution.

Ordering the new monitoring service from us, our Customers get a flexible, scalable solution that enable them to control the basic parameters of the operating systems in real time, as well as to provide the ability to use the existing IT-infrastructure and resources of its service divisions to the full extent. Consisting of almost all popular modern monitoring systems, hardware-software complex OT-Monix also has a number of unique features that are highly appraised by our Customers.

One of these features is a unique subsystem of information systems functional control. This subsystem provides the ability to perform functional testing of information systems, to simulate the activities of different types of users and different modes of operation. Such subsystem of the functional control was successfully used, for example, in a joint project with the Department of information technology of Moscow in order to obtain an objective assessment of the quality of information services functioning.

"Thanks to the unique control of the system, a potential customer receives a number of advantages: firstly, cost-effective solution, secondly, regular independent assessment of the information systems functioning, and finally, the high speed of the results generation. Our solution allows to significantly improve the efficiency of IT-services and to organize round-the-clock support of critical IT-services for any company and organization", - says Maxim Temnov, Director of Service and Outsourcing Department in Open Technologies.

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