IT business prepares for new conditions

12 August 2020 1,000,000 objects in 1.5 years?

Open Technologies entered the TOP-25 of the best system integrators in Russia IT business prepares for new conditions

The IT business is preparing for new conditions: in the short term (about 1.5 years), KII facilities should switch to the predominant use of domestic software and equipment. The corresponding Decree, affecting more than 10 sectors of the Russian economy, is undergoing public discussion.

Are the companies ready for this turn of events, will they be in time?

In Russia, there are about a million KII facilities, which operate from several tens to several tens of thousands of pieces of equipment! Will there be enough capacities and manpower to provide equipment for all objects in a short time?
Dmitry Burlakov, head of the information security department of the integrated solutions department of the Open Technologies company, shared his point of view with the ITWeek portal.

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