Development of automated systems for traffic and pedestrian flow control, software and system algorithms development

Open Technologies, Russian system integrator, completed the first stage of scientific researches, aimed at developing the Automatic Traffic Control System (ATCS), developing the system software and operation algorithms. The works were performed at the order of the administration of federal target program "Raising Traffic Security in 2006-2012".

Russian roads have become a source of more and more problems: gems, growing number of accidents, deterioration of environment. One of the principal reasons of these critical situations, especially in big cities and agglomerations, is rapid growth of motorization, which goes ahead of road infrastructure development The problem van be solved by means of totally new approaches to the development of road infrastructure and traffic control.

In 2006 the Government of the Russian Federation (Ruling №100 of February 20, 2006) announced a federal target program "Raising traffic security in 2006-2012". This program, which is very important for the nation, is controlled by the Department of Road Security at the Russian Ministry of Interior. Within the program Open Technologies made a scientific research of the state of Automatic Traffic Control System (ATCS) in Russian cities.

The research focused on major problems related to introductions and use of Automatic Traffic Control System (ATCS) including the peripheral equipment, certain types of equipment, traffic management centers (TMC) and supporting subsystems.

The researchers studied and classified the ATCS used in Russian cities, surveyed the used peripheral equipment, explored the ways of improving transport situation.

According to Pavel Osokin, the Head of Public Institutions Department at Open Technologies "The research of the state of ATCS is a complex problem including DPC development, data transfer network and special program software and functioning of the system in general. All the researches will be used to pose requirements to further work of peripheral devices, methods and algorithms of control, software, management systems. A modern adaptive and reliable ATCS system will be based on them. OT will provided or adaptive local and net automatic control over traffic lights in the city".

The project involved specialist of:

  • RIPAS, St. Petersburg, a company developing and producing the advanced equipment (controllers, traffic detectors, display remote controls);
  • St. Petersburg Scientific, Research & Development Institute of Territorial Development and Transport Infrastructure, which has rich experience in practical application of transport development;
  • State Specialized Installation and Maintenance Enterprise, organization with the developed branch net, whih has beem on the Russian market of road equipment for more than 30 years.

These researches will be the basis of the national ATCS strategy. They resulted in conclusions, which will be included in legislation, help, to correct the traffic rules, legal acts, change the methods of influencing the drivers.

Open Technologies is gong to continue the project. The next stage will include the analysis of traffic abroad and experience of system adaptive control over groups of traffic light in neighborhoods and the city in general. The specialists will develop pilot samples of the necessary software providing for traffic flows in cities overcrowded with transport.

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