Design and launch of utility systems

Open Technologies, Russian system integrator and the National Bank of the Chuvash Republic of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation completed the design and launch of engineering system s in the new building of the National Bank.

The project resulted in construction of engineering systems. The new building has modern technical equipment and conditions for safe use of information and telecommunication systems, comfortable conditions for the bank's personnel.

Open Technologies designed a system of guaranteed and continuous power supply, a system of air conditioning and a system of automatic gas fire extinguishing in technological premises, structural cable network, microcellular communications system, alarm and evacuation system,  a system of collective TV and radio broadcast reception, local computer network, video projection and sound enhancement systems in the conference hall, At the next stage all the engineering system design soli project solutions were carried out.

"As a result we received an intellectual building with the sufficient level of equipment, security and reliability  corresponding to all modern reqquiremnts to the organization of office premises and normative acts of the Bank of Russia", noted Mikhail Feofanov, Deputy Head of Informatization Department of the National Bank of Chuvash Republic.

"Construction of engineering systems in this building provided for effective working conditions of the personnel and technological equipment of the National Bank of the Chuvash Republic, which guarantees the reliable operation of the republic's bank system", says Vadim Molchadsky,  corporate clients director at  the financial sector of Open Technologies.

Creation, development and maintenance of single network and computer infrastructure of the bank Introduction of spam defense system