Creation of corporative portal

Open Technologies, the leading Russian system integrator,   S.A. Lebedev, Fine Mechanics and Computation Institute at the Russian Academy of Science, Kazakhtelecom JSC, national service provider at Kazakhtelecom, announced about completion of the first and beginning of the second stage of corporative portal creation.

Within the project, Open Technologies built a special portal for the communications operator on the basis of Oracle technologies, which present services for the end consumers of Kazakhtelecom JSC and services aimed at satisfaction of the domestic demands of the company.

The portal is mainly aimed at enhancing the competitive ability of the customer, as wider range of services makes the company more profitable for the subscribers. Besides, the portal allows increasing the efficiency of the work for the personnel of Kazakhtelecom JSC, facilitates management and decision making bringing down the costs of services.

At the moment the corporative portal functions in 2 subdivisions of Kazakhtelecom JSC: the central office and Almatytelecom. It includes 52 information services: information about the company, list of all types of services and tariffs, payment modes (call box and Tarlan cards, telebanking)

The list of services in service "Personal Office" was designed by Open Technologies and S. A. Lebedev Fine Mechanics and Computation Institute.  Due to implementation of the transaction service the clients registered at the portal have an opportunity of paying for Kazakhtelecom services by bank cards, view the information about indebtedness, cleared funds and the state of business account, order the delivery of account by e-mail, subscribe to news and notifications and other functions, all these functions make the Personal Office an irreplaceable aid of the subscriber, making the operator's services more comfortable for him.

The portal provides for an opportunity of integration with various information systems from simple transfer of information to active interaction with other systems.  For instance, the integration of the portal with billing system allows rendering such services as receiving the information about the state of accounts and self-service for the subscribers. Besides, the portal raises the efficiency of access to information, provides for interaction of all Kazakhtelecom services and manageability of the company's Web resources.

The specialists of Open Technologies created a flexible portal structure providing for duplication of the solution at the other branches of Kazakhtelecom JSC. Besides, the navigation of Oracle portal was made totally customized. A solution providing for the use of the Kazakh language was designed. As a result the portal functions in 3 languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. In order make the customer more satisfied the portal was tested together with representatives of Kazakhtelecom and make corrections after their remarks. Thus, by the start of industrial operation, the portal totally corresponded to the requirements of Kazakhtelecom JSC administration.

At the moment Open Technologies performs the second stage of the project, switching all the branches of the customer to the portal, developing and switching new additional interactive services for the subscribers. They include "One Window" interaction with clients at the portal, subscription to the company's news, form, receiving applications from subscribers.

Besides, the internal corporative portal  and "Personal Offices" will be launched for the personnel of Kazakhtelecom JSC in the offing.

The further development of the project envisages total shift of all web-resources of the company to the single platform of the corporative platform.

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