Sergey Polovnikov is appointed a new General Director

5 March 2015

Nikolai V. Ryzhov, who previously held the position of General Director, was appointed a Vice President, dealing with strategic customers. His main goal will be the strategic development of the company's business across a range of key verticals.

"The operating activities of a company of our scale require extreme concentration, - states Nikolay Ryzhov.  - I am glad that Sergey Polovnikov will deal with the task of increasing the business effectiveness. This will allow me to focus on what I have long been interested in - the formation of strategy, business development and more intensive communication with our key customers."

"Time is difficult, so it is especially important to work as a unified team now. We have to face various challenges today, but there are a lot of opportunities as well, and in such moments we must be even more concentrated and efficient”, says Sergey Polovnikov.

Sergei Polovnikov sees the main course of the company for 2015 as a development of sales and operating performance. He also plans to focus on the development of the commercial and the technical blocks of the company, as well as on the formation of long-term business development strategy.

Biographical background

Sergey Polovnikov was born on December 7, 1971 in Irkutsk. He graduated from the physical faculty of the Irkutsk State University.

After graduation, Sergey Polovnikov worked in the IT-sphere, in state health departments and the Department of education. Later in the companies-system integrators on the positions of Deputy Technical Director, Head of sales Department, Deputy General Director. At a last place of work, in Step Logic, Sergey was the General Director.

Sergey Polovnikov came to Open Technologies in November 2014 on the position of first Deputy General Director. From the 5-th of March 2015 occupies the position of General Director.

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