"OT.Platform" is included in the register of domestic software

30 September 2020 The ISG Neuro company, a member of the Open Technologies group of companies, announces the inclusion of its main product OT. Platform in the register of domestic software. OT. Platform is a universal system for collecting, analyzing and visualizing large amounts of data. Complete with modules and industry libraries, it is designed to digitize expert experience and knowledge in various fields: fuel and energy complex, retail, medicine, education, media, industry, security, transport, and others.

OT. Platform is built on the basis of a stack of open source software products and proprietary components. The system implements the concept of multi-alternative visualization of dynamic reports with built-in support for Apache Zeppelin, Splunk Search Head, own EVA environment and other popular packages. OT. Platform is a powerful analytical engine that has an innovative architecture and is able to process industrial volumes of digital data at a speed close to real time.

The main difference of "OT.Platform" from the products already existing on the global market for big data analytics is that it is easy to use and intuitive for any industry expert. For this, a special Simple Machine Learning Language (SMaLL) was created, which can be mastered in a few days.

“OT.Platform uses the latest machine learning technologies and modern neural network approaches. A key feature of our Platform is that an industry specialist can independently edit a digital model obtained automatically, enriching it with his own expert experience. The inclusion of OT. Platform in the register of domestic software will allow solving the problems of import substitution and expanding the scope of the Platform's services in various sectors of the Russian industry. Today OT. Platform is successfully used for analytics and digitalization of our customers' activities, including projects of seamless migration of analytical systems based on the popular American product Splunk, ”commented Grigory Shevchenko, CEO of ISG Neuro.

For reference
EVA is an interactive visualization environment developed by ISG Neuro. Its uniqueness is that it combines imperative and declarative approaches to organizing the description of the user interface and allows you to implement complex logic of interactive dashboards without programming.

OT. Platform is free software and is available for free download on the OT-platform.ru website

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