Open Technologies promote NCR self-service technologies - Project of Open Technologies, Russian system integrator, and New Vision Inco, the only partner certified by NCR corporation.

6 March 2013

06.03.2013. Open Technologies, Russian system integrator, and New Vision Inco, the only partner of NCR corporation certified NCR SelfServ Checkout self-service business consulting in Russia and CIS, announced about partnership agreement.

Due to the agreement Open Technologies can provide the market with integrated NCR self-service solutions New Vision Inco experience. In its turn, New Vision Inco I expanding the range of its system integration services for the customers.

Self-service check out devices have been extremely popular worldwide starting 1992. NCR is a major world self-service systems provider in terms of new installations and introduced projects. Its SelfServ Checkout solutions are installed in 100 thousand cash registers and are used by 153 retailers in 13 segments in over 100 countries worldwide. In Russia the terminals of the producer were installed only in 2012.

The self-service systems allow the customers to singlehandedly scanning, packing and paying for the goods, being assisted by the shop personnel, if necessary. They perform all standard check-out functions, including banking cards service, loyalty programs, calculation of discounts and grades, payment for services and goods with an opting of giving change both in banknotes and coins, payment for goods without They also comply with the requirements of acting legislation, for instance with alcohol and cigarette restrictions. Unlike conventional check-out registers, where one check-out assistant is needed for every space, the self-service system operator can serve 10 devices at once.

Due to cooperation of Open Technologies and New Vision Inco, Russian retail enterprises will be able to use innovation consulting services in retail technologies, self-service systems, integration of SelfServ Checkout program software with frontal software.

Advanced NCR methods and access to global experience will help the customers to apply innovative instruments of modeling the retail capacity for assessing the influence of self-service systems on their business depending on specific targets and conditions. The mathematic model allows calculating the number of self-service terminals needed for specific trade locations and compare them with conventional check-out registers. In its turn, the introduction of self-service technologies assisted by world experience guarantees all of the above-mentioned advantages without expensive pilot projects and will help the client to assess economic efficiency, the size of investment and the terms of their return.

Besides, the package of services offered to clients includes shop personnel training and maintenance of the supplied self-service systems.

"The agreement is an important step to the extension of self-service system on the territory of Russia", says Nikolai Ryzhkov, director general of Open Technologies. Unification of engineering competence and experience of New Vision Inco experts with project experience branch and partnership network of our company will supply us with an alliance, unique in terms of its opportunities. It will help trade companies to maintain a high level of service for its customers and cut operational expenses in the process of confident development. The continuous operation and regular availability of open technologies systems will result in programs of regular service maintenance in the customers' stores nationwide.

According to Yevgni Rozenberg, regional director of New Vision Inco in Russia and CIS, "the introduction of such complicated systems as self-service check-out devices requires high level of competence in integrating solutions with retail software, building it into the store's operational activity, project management, technical support, result evaluation and personnel training. Unification of the competence of 2 companies will provide for risk of free introduction of self-service check-out devices. The experience of implementing similar projects in Italy, Finland, Baltic States and Russia will help to promptly integrate the self-service terminals into the customer's infrastructure at a lower price. Now the technology will be available not only for big providers, but also for those possessing a small number of shops willing to introduce the solution quickly".

"Self-service check-out devices will provide a number of advantages and opportunities for the retailers", notes Vladimir Sologubov, director of Retail Competence Center at Open Technologies. "It means the extension of the passing capacity by 8-15%, the release of the additional free trade space, attracting new customers and enhancing the loyalty of the old ones, improvement of personnel qualification and decrease in payroll expenses. One of the principal advantages of using this technology in the stores, according to long international experience, is shorter lines and fewer losses, improvement of client service quality, decrease in inside losses and dependence from turnover of check-out assistants, fast investment return, growth of sales and turnover. All of it totally changes the image of retail stores".

NCR (NYSE: NCR) is the leading provider in the field of bank, trade, information and technological solutions and the world leader in production and supply of ABM systems, trade, information and technological solutions as well as the global leader in production and supply of ATM, self-service systems and stationery scanners. With 125 years of experience in business, the corporation retains its leading position at the market, as it offers the most advanced solutions helping to attract and preserve the clients in the conditions of tough competitive struggle in such fields as retail trade, health care, banking and hotel sector and entertainment industry. During the last decades NCR patented over 100 innovations and invested over 5m USD to the development of self-service system holding 64% of the market, as of 2011.

New Vision Inco makes part of New Vision group of companies, working since 1993 and rendering various services to retail networks in Russia and CIS, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. NCR corporation and New Vision signed a contract binding New Vision to offer technological and consultative services related to NCR SelfServ Checkout in various countries including Russia and CIS. Representatives of offices of the group of companies are located in Milan, Helsinki (Hivinka), Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Moscow and St. Petersburg. The center of New Vision competence is located in Vilnius and in Riga.

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