Open Technologies launch a new website

12 September 2013

On 12-th of September 2013, Open Technologies launched a new version of its website.

The new version contains several significant distinctions from an old one: from both technological and image point of views. For example, now the site exists in 2 versions – Russian and English. Site’s menu and information structure enable convenient and efficient access to all data, a new interactive service «Personal Account» has been launched and another interactive service «On-line consultant» will soon start functioning as well.

And since Open Technologies are active in social media, the new site is also integrated with social media.

We hope that our new site will help us to reach our main strategic goal – to ensure the growth of Company’s sales volume and additional services due to formation of positive and correct representation of the Company in Clients’ minds, its experience in the field of system integration, project and field competencies.

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