Open Technologies has built a network for the new Data Center of "Orient Express Bank"

6 May 2014

The company Open Technologies, Russian system integrator, has announced the completion of a project on a construction of computer network for the new Data Center of "Orient Express Bank".

Before the beginning of the project, all major computing resources of the Bank were located at two geographically distributed sites in Khabarovsk. Since their establishment, the customer's business has significantly grown and the current infrastructure began to limit the possibilities of its further development. Therefore, it was decided to create a new Data Center, which would meet all current and projected needs of the Bank.

In the framework of creating a new Data Center, the integrator had a task to create a scalable, high-performance network subsystem that would provide continuous access of users and customers to the information services hosted in data centers, as well as provide for the interaction between structural units and control the access to external networks. Additionally, it was necessary to foresee a future possible integration of data center network with a network backup data center, that the Bank is planning to establish in order to ensure continuity of its services in case of primary data center failure.

The specialists of Open Technologies have completed the following works:
- development of network architecture, taking into account the needs of the Data Center, number and type of the connected equipment, channels capacity and network performance;
- elaboration of data center protection from Internet threats, corporate data transmission network (WAN) and network of Bank partners
- realization of the organizational concept of the territorially-distributed disaster-proof data center network and regional data processing center.

Once the design was completed, Open Technologies carried out the delivery of equipment, commissioning of physical and virtual components, performed installation of monitoring and management systems and informational security devices.

The completed network has become a reliable basis for the new Data Center and a base for a deployment of all basic information services for users and clients of the Ban

According to the head of the project group of "Vostochny Express Bank", Oleg Popov, "A new Data Center has significantly increased the availability of our informational systems through the use of modern means of storage, processing and transmission of data, while reducing operating expenses on maintenance of its infrastructure. I would also like to underline the high professional level of Open Technologies and coordinated work of the project management team. All main stages of the project were carried out in accordance with the initial plan, the fact that enabled us to put a new data center into operation in a very short time".

 Read more about the technical side of the project here:

When building a computer network for a Data Center Open Technologies used the following equipment: Cisco Systems family of Cisco Nexus, Cisco ASR and Cisco ASA and software Cisco Prime.


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