Open Technologies focus on the introduction of intelligent technologies in medicine

23 September 2013

Open Technologies, Russian system integrator, announces the creation of a dedicated Department for work with medical organizations with the purpose of market promotion of intelligent technologies in medicine.

The main task of the Department is to develop optimal IT-solutions for the tasks that different market participants of the medicine field are facing: doctors, administration of medical institutions (hospitals), state ministries and departments, as well as simple people that are using medical services.

Open Technologies realize that the main task of IT in medicine is not only to control the financial and economic activities of medical institutions, develop communication networks and create large regional data centers, but also to provide full intellectual support for the medical-diagnostic process, hospital management and regional medicine, that is to provide complex efficient solutions for the main task of medicine – full treatment (and cure) of patients.

Dmitry Bashilov was appointed the Director of the Department of work with the medical organizations.

Biographical note:

Dmitry Bashilov was born on March 29, 1980 in Moscow. In 2002 he graduated with honours from the Economics faculty of the Moscow University of food production with a degree in «Information systems in economy». In 2006 Dmitry defended his thesis and received the degree of candidate of economic Sciences. Since 2000 he is working in the IT-sphere on the position of Key Client Manager. He came to Open Technologies in February 2012 and is currently appointed Director of the Department for work with the medical organizations.  

«Today Russia has a quite limited number of offers for IT in medicine. There also only a few IT-companies that provide fully integrated solutions for this industry. That’s why we will focus our attention on the proposal of new promising technologies for informatization of medicine, personalization and individualization, systems of clinical decision support, analytical systems of real time, etc. », says Dmitry.

In order to support the work of the Department, Open Technologies have also opened the Competence Center where Gazizova Dinara, doctor of medical Sciences and academician of the Academy of medico-technical Sciences, leading expert in the field of information support of medicine is currently working. Dinara Gazizova has been engaged in the development and use of intelligent technologies in the treatment process for individual therapy and personalized medicine for many years.

The main task of the Competence Center is the accumulation and systematization of knowledge and techniques in the field of IT-medicine. Its employees are now actively seeking, analyzing and forming the new needs of industrial companies; help them with the choice of intelligent technologies and information management systems; perform documentation and coordination of works on the projects and assess the satisfaction level of customers with products and services of the Company.

The established Department is also actively developing joint initiatives with leading industry vendors and negotiating on joint work with manufacturers of specialized medical hardware-software complexes and medical equipment.

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