Pandemic Closed Door, Digitalization Opens Window

4 March 2021 “Pandemic Closed Door, Digitalization Opens Window”, - with this very phrase Xiao Haijun, General Director  Huawei Enterprise Eurasia, began his speech on Huawei Partner Conference 2021, which was held on the 2nd of March. Open Technologies, being a gold partner, became the sponsor of the event. Wide audience could watch the live translation as far as only small circle with personal invitations visited it offline.

Plenary session began with the 2020’s overview - the impact of the pandemic on the whole world. Quarantine and restrictions have drastically changed consumer behavior patterns, and everything has transferred from offline to online. Xiao Haijun quoted Alexandre Dumas “All human wisdom is contained in these two words; wait and hope”. Digitalization has influenced all the spheres: medical services (telemedicine, EMIAS, online messages with test results), banks (cash reduction), retail and even conservative logistics. This very factor has stimulated technology and worldwide IT-industry development. Despite all the obvious difficulties of the previous year, Huawei continued to develop and became the leader on the Eurasian market.

The event proceeded with the business-session devoted to collaboration, and sessions “Communication and engineering technologies” and “Computer technologies”. The speakers focused on the following topics: cloud solutions, campus networks, AI, convergence, WiFi 6, DSS and security.

Huawei also presented its new solution E2E NVMe Over RoCE – network for the new generation DSS, which replaces FC-network. There was also an exhibition where partners presented their solutions based on Huawei technologies: Full-Stack Intelligent Data Center, Unified O&M for Full Scenario Wireless Campus etc.

“I’m very glad to meet our partners and friends face to face”, - said Gizatullin Oleg, General Director Open Technologies. – There is no doubt that the pandemic has dramatically changed our world. I do agree with Xiao Haijun, that the situation has pushed IT-market on the next level: digitalization has touched every industry, thereby has stimulated the development of the new technologies and improvement of the old ones. Our company really appreciates our collaboration with Huawei. Together we can make our Russian market take a quantum leap”.

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